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How to Relieve Stress in Your Daily Life

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There is no sense in trying to hide the pink elephant, stress kills. If you suffer from it, you need to find a way to relieve it or you will have health problems that can quickly lead to a serious deterioration of your health.


Stress is found in all of our lives at many different levels and we all handle it differently. If you are one of those individuals who find themselves unable to deal with the stress that live brings you, follow some of these tips on how to relieve stress.

Get Some Exercise

Stress is a fear response. When your body perceives a threat or danger, it prepares you to either fight to protect yourself, or flee to save yourself.

Unfortunately, the stresses most of us deal with every day aren’t things we can fight or run away from. And your body has nothing to do with all of that physical readiness. So you are left feeling twitchy, agitated, and wound up.

One way to deal with this is to do something physical. You can go for a swim, work out at the gym, or simply walk up and down the stairs at work. Physical activity will relieve some of your tension, and help you to relax.

Take a Time Out

Stress can often build on itself. Something upsetting happens and we react instantly. We might get angry and start yelling and slamming doors. And the more yelling and slamming we do, the angrier we get.

Or we get depressed and pessimistic. A steady stream of negative talk begins in our heads and just makes us feel more and more depressed and upset.

The next time something stressful happens in your life, don’t react to it immediately. Stop for a second. Take a deep breath and, if possible, close your eyes. Slowly count to ten. Take a moment to calmly think about what has happened.


Giving yourself a time out before you react to a stressful situation gives you time to calm down, take stock of the things, and react in a way that won’t make the situation worse.

Is It Really Worth the Worry?

Our lives are filled with enough legitimate stresses. Worrying about relatively trivial things just causes unneeded tension and anxiety. But we do it all the time.

The next time you find yourself stressing over a situation, ask yourself if it’s really worth this much worry. What’s the other worst thing could happen.

You can definitely find an alternative for the minor stresses in your life.

When to Get Help

If you have tried all the ways which you can think of and nothing seems to work then you might want to consider seeing a doctor. It may be that either medication, therapy, or a combination of the two may be in order so that you can get your stress back to a more manageable level. While you may think that going to see someone is a bit much it is better to do so than to let it get out of hand.

Unmanaged stress can lead to serious health complications and even death. Remember, by taking care of yourself you will be better equipped to help take care of others. It is important you learn how to relieve stress.

Stress is nearly impossible to avoid. But, when you learn how to relieve stress, you can enjoy a happier, calmer life.


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