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List of Healthiest Spices

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Spices play an important role in Indian dishes. These are used to garnish or enhance the taste of the recipe but one can not deny the benefits they provide. They are used to fight against a vast catalog of illness as they have ability to act as a detoxifies. Whether it’s the need of regular life; dealing with stress, having to cope with a variety of chemical or environmental toxins, harmful micro organisms. Spices can definitely help when it comes to coping and maintaining best health and healing.

6a00d8341cdd0d53ef015437953deb970c-500wiHere are just some of the wonderful health promoting spices.


Garlic is one among the most common thing you find in every kitchen but you might not be aware of the benefits you can have from it. It prevents your body from cancer, helps fight against infection and increases your immunity. Other than these benefits it also reduces bad cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure and helps in controlling blood sugar.


Cloves help in lessen pain as toothache and swelling. It also helps in digestion.


Turmeric is given the best compliment a spice can ever have and its is” The world’s healthiest spice.” It helps in healing minor internal injuries. It can also be used as a supplement.


Its powerful bio-active compounds have powerful curative effects. It has potent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Illuminates sinuses, reducing muscle and joint pain, helping with digestion problems such as nausea, promoting absorption and assimilation of nutrients are just some of the health benefits of ginger.


Usually spices help in circulation and the body’s metabolic function. Peppercorn is no exception. It acts as a cleansing agent and also good for aplling on small body cuts. .

Red clover

Women are advised not to have red clover if they are pregnant or feed their infants. However, it has been used for pain relief, having anti-inflammatory properties. It has been said that the pain relief is due to red clover containing the compounds eugenol, myricetin and salicylic acid found in the flowers.


Calcium and Vitamin B6 are found in rosemary which are good for bones and nervous system. It also enhances mood and fills you with lot of energy. Rosemary helps with circulation, memory improvement and digestion aiding useful gut bacteria.


How about making sweet potato and turnip crush then adding sage butter! Sage also mixes well with many other vegetables and spices. Sage has been known to serve as a memory aid and relieve sore throats.


Sweeteners may bring you down on a unhealthy road by causing your pancreas to discharge large amount of insulin. Whereas Cinnamon balances the amount of insulin and cuts down the requirement. So you can sprinkle cinnamon on any of food item to enhance sweetness guilt free..


This is a good source of antioxidants and a mild anti-inflammatory. This spice is excellent for southwest dishes.



This is loaded with sulphur which helps in detoxification, anti-inflammation and energy production. Whole onions and dried onion powder both are equally effective and can be served with almost every dish.


Oil found in oregano has very strong anti microbial properties. It fights against every infection effectively if it is mixed along with garlic.

Though the list given above is limited but it must has encouraged you to look further into the advantages of spices for finest health and healing.


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