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Surprising Benefits of Eating at Night

Well, a lot of times you may have heard people stopping you from having something at night because it may add pounds to your weight. But the truth here is no studies have clarified that eating at night can increase wight. In fact, eating certain foods at night can be beneficial in accelerating your body’s progress to attain your fitness goals. Continue reading


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How Does Sports Benefit Your Health

One of the best ways to keep a physically fit body is to do sports. There are many benefits in playing sports. This physical activity not only develops your muscles but also cleans your body. When you sweat the excess fats and oils comes out together with it. It may not immediately show, but the increased of stamina will be noticed after quite a while. Continue reading

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List of Healthiest Spices

Spices play an important role in Indian dishes. These are used to garnish or enhance the taste of the recipe but one can not deny the benefits they provide. They are used to fight against a vast catalog of illness as they have ability to act as a detoxifies. Whether it’s the need of regular life; dealing with stress, having to cope with a variety of chemical or environmental toxins, harmful micro organisms. Spices can definitely help when it comes to coping and maintaining best health and healing. Continue reading

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Healthy Foods to Reduce Stress

foods to beat stressThere is a connection between stress and the foods we eat. There are some foods that cause stress while there are others that help get rid of it. Besides, some bad eating habits like ingesting too much, can also be stressors, directly or indirectly. If they are the type of foods that lower your water and mineral levels then they will directly cause you stress. If they are the type of foods that will cause you obesity then they can indirectly cause stress to you. Continue reading

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How Much Protein Does a Woman Need a Day

Every human body requires a different amount of protein in their body depending upon the type of physical activities they are indulged in. you may have read so many articles suggesting you to add proteins to your diets.


Though they are very right but you should take the amount your body requires. Women need different amount of protein at different stages. So the issue of consuming protein becomes complicated for women. But in this article I shall brief the amount of protein a woman should add to her diet in a day. Continue reading

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How to Relieve Stress in Your Daily Life

There is no sense in trying to hide the pink elephant, stress kills. If you suffer from it, you need to find a way to relieve it or you will have health problems that can quickly lead to a serious deterioration of your health.


Stress is found in all of our lives at many different levels and we all handle it differently. If you are one of those individuals who find themselves unable to deal with the stress that live brings you, follow some of these tips on how to relieve stress. Continue reading