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Healthy Foods to Reduce Stress

foods to beat stressThere is a connection between stress and the foods we eat. There are some foods that cause stress while there are others that help get rid of it. Besides, some bad eating habits like ingesting too much, can also be stressors, directly or indirectly. If they are the type of foods that lower your water and mineral levels then they will directly cause you stress. If they are the type of foods that will cause you obesity then they can indirectly cause stress to you. Continue reading


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Healthy Diet for Elderly People

51420220What-Old-People-Should-EatA fit body is the best asset human can have,But it never remains same and keeps changing, especially in old age. This affects the nutritional necessities of the body and hence healthy eating can be a challenge mainly for the elderly. Also, in old age the hormones begin losing their activity, thereby making the body lose muscles and bones and gain fat. There are some factors, which if kept in check, can help all of us lead a healthy life.

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How Much Protein Does a Woman Need a Day

Every human body requires a different amount of protein in their body depending upon the type of physical activities they are indulged in. you may have read so many articles suggesting you to add proteins to your diets.


Though they are very right but you should take the amount your body requires. Women need different amount of protein at different stages. So the issue of consuming protein becomes complicated for women. But in this article I shall brief the amount of protein a woman should add to her diet in a day. Continue reading

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How to Relieve Stress in Your Daily Life

There is no sense in trying to hide the pink elephant, stress kills. If you suffer from it, you need to find a way to relieve it or you will have health problems that can quickly lead to a serious deterioration of your health.


Stress is found in all of our lives at many different levels and we all handle it differently. If you are one of those individuals who find themselves unable to deal with the stress that live brings you, follow some of these tips on how to relieve stress. Continue reading

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Make Your Dog Your New Workout Buddy

Every dog owner knows that his or her animal needs a daily dose of exercise in order to be healthy and calm. By design, dogs have instincts to hunt for their food and lead active lifestyles. Today, many dogs, like humans, lead more sedentary lifestyles. With the need to hunt for food now eliminated, it is essential that dog owners encourage their animals to get exercise. Why not improve and maintain your dog’s health while increasing your own personal exercise habits as well. Continue reading