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Ways to Make Fast Food Healthier

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Fast food is so suitable, low-priced, delicious and it is so immediate. Unluckily it is also just about the most terrible thing you can put into your body. Still, most of us head to the nearby fast food joint several times in a week. Clearly, fast food is never the best choice when it comes to what to eat. Sometimes time restraints may frankly compel us to ‘grab something quick’.

make fast food more healthyIf you must eat on the go, here are certain ways to make fast food healthier for you and your family members

  1. Keep check on the “value-size. Remember when you make the choice to super size, it’s not only the size of your freies that get bigger something else is also being affected.
  2.  Omit the sides. Eating a burger or sandwich by itself is often big enough. Frequently we eat the side out of habit; they just seem to go together. If you do need a side, think about ordering a fruit cup or side salad.
  3.  Stay away from double meat and bacon. A serving size of meat is 2-3 ounces . This means you are already getting well over that with a single meat patty. Bacon is high in calories and fat with little nutrient content. You can well imagine how terrible this can be for us.
  4. Try the grilled chicken sandwich. Poultry without covering is considerably leaner than the meats most fast-food companies use in their burgers so if you must eat fast food this is a better option.
  5. Say ‘No cheese, please’. Seriously, you may not even miss the cheese but you will save yourself from extra calories, fat and cholesterol by leaving it behind.
  6. Try having only one side of the bun. By making this your choice you will not only get rid of unnecesary calories but could satisfy your hunger too.
  7. Better go for wheat buns. Many of the restaurants have added different variety of buns to their menu. Atleast you should ask them before place placing your order..
  8. Say NO to mayo and other cholesterol-containing dressings and sauces. As a substitute, choose ketchup or mustard. When it comes to salad dressings, stick with the dressings which contain healthy fats and zero cholesterol.
  9. Water intake is essential to your health. If necessary, drink diet soda or low-fat milk but avoid Sodas, teas and sports drinks. They are loaded with sugars, which are empty calories.
  10. When it comes to fast food, go for the restaurant which really does have lots of healthier choices that still please the taste buds.

The bottom line is that we do live in chaotic times. Honestly no one can say that eating fast food is ever the best choice and if you are doing it regularly you should cut back especially if you are raising kids. When you do feel the need to have some fast food, at least try some of these tips. These are all simple things that you can do to take a positive step towards good health.


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